Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Today’s tune: Gruß an Kiel

Greetings to Kiel, a port town in northern Germany. The tune was composed in 1864 by Friedrich Spohr.

The first version I found is by James Last. Mr. Last recently gave a concert on his 82nd birthday! This clip is from 1976, showing a Herb Alpert influence.

Apparently it's a tradition in Hamburg for the police to march out on New Year's morning, playing Gruß an Kiel:

What are these German boys high on? If nothing else, Gruß an Kiel.

Friday, June 10, 2011

The rehearsal and ride home gave me energy

I went in with low expectations. We're getting ready for a July 2nd performance, lots of Sousa and patriotic stuff, which isn't usually my favorite to play. It turned out to be a fun rehearsal. We've had a full trombone section lately and it sounds pretty good!

I got home and found versions of a few of the tunes we played:

The Circus Bee

Shoutin' Liza

Under the Double Eagle

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Ernst Mosch!

Until YouTube, I didn't know about Ernst Mosch. Thanks YouTube! There are many videos available. Here's a playlist to get you started. DMV used to play Amboss Polka (Anvil Polka) out of the grey book.

Hi Curtis.

Tonight I looked for Rehragout. There are many versions available.
First, a small group with vocal. I mainly like this one for the rhythmic feel. How can one describe that bounce? Do I hear a 12/8 under the straight 4/4?

Next: nice to see a younger group doing a lively version. They know the words, too!

Third: this distorted recording only adds to the drunken exuberence. Wonderful!

I also found a rock version and several brass bands along the lines of what we already know, but this is it for tonight.

- Brad