Thursday, May 15, 2014

Schubert's Winterreise

This somber, beautiful music doesn't quite fit the genre that I do here, but it's an old favorite. It's German, it's melodic, it's popular. I found this version with some horns in it:

Here's one of the songs from the cycle, with German lyrics and English translation:

I like this woman's husky voice and the moody guitar:

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

im Grunewald ist Holzauktion

Im Grunewald, im Grunewald ist Holzauktion, ist Holzauktion, ist Holzauktion.

Links um die Ecke rum! rechts um die Ecke rum! überall ist große Holzauktion! 
Grunewald is a wooded area on the west side of Berlin. This song (written in 1892) says, there's a wood auction there! To the left, to the right, everywhere, a big wood auction! There are more lyrics, involving a forester, someone kissing his daughter, and police sneaking around in the moonlight, but I can't quite translate the rest.

Here's an oompah version by the Bavarian Strollers, who are actually from the U.K.. This is a too fast for a Schottische, guys!

Goethe Institute is teaching this tune all over the world:

The tune was a favorite of Kaiser Wilhelm II, and he had his Greek hosts learn it when he was visiting in 1908.

Finally, here's one with a computer singing it: