Sunday, February 22, 2015

Walt Solek and Larry Chesky

Walt Solek had a 75-year career playing polka music. He wrote the english words for 'Who Stole the Kishka'.  Here he is with Larry Chesky's great band, doing a polka version of Hey Jude:

Here's a clip of a polka party in the 50s. The music isn't synced with the video, but you can see that Walt's thing was to shake two long sleigh bell sticks and dance when he wasn't singing. This reminds me of my favorite rock drummer, Tim Mooney, who brought the sleigh bell sound to the Toiling Midgets.

This music has passion, spirit, and humanity. Also a kind of humility and sense of community that was out of fashion by the time I heard it.

I didn't find many clips of Walt Solek, but there's a cover band that sounds pretty good to me!