Friday, February 28, 2014

Auf der Vogelwiese

I love this slow, majestic version from Meeblech:

I bought the MP3 album on Amazon, it's good!  

As Ursula explained: Vogelwiese means 'bird meadow', yes, but the song is actually about a guy who gets drunk in a tent. 
Auf die Vogelwiese ging der Franz, weil er gern einen hebt,
und bei Blasmusik und Tanz, hat er so viel erlebt.

Das Bier im Zelt war gut und herrlich kühl,
darum trank der Franz viel zu viel.
Früh am Tag war er so frisch,
doch Abends lag er unterm Tisch.
Franz went out to the bird meadow, because he likes a lift,
with Blow-music and dance, he has lived so much.

The beer
in the tent was lovely and cool,
so Franz drank way too much.
Early in the day he was so fresh,
but in the evening, he lay under the table.
I could swear that I've seen Ernst Mosch doing this on YouTube, and I can picture him grinning and grabbing at the air with every beat, but it seems to have been removed. That's okay, there are plenty of other versions to see. 

Thursday, February 13, 2014

When the Sun Comes Over the Brewery

I've heard a few groups do this on WRJQ. The original was by Whoopee John. I only found one version on YouTube -- good enough!