Sunday, November 23, 2014

The Franz Klein library

I am pleased to announce that BlowMusik has acquired the Franz Klein music library. This is a set of arrangements from a band that was active in the Detroit area in the 1910's and 20s, according to the guy I bought it from, whose father acquired it in the 70s. There are about 80 hand-written arrangements, and 33 typeset, all nicotine stained but in decent condition. There are familiar pieces by Strauss and Sousa, some traditional tunes, and other things I hadn't heard of. Some may be originals by Klein, for all I know. There are books for Flugelhorns, Horns in Eb,  Bb clarinet, Eb clarinet, alto saxes, 'Eufonium' and Bass. It all arrived in a very old and hand-made briefcase of wood and leather.

I'll be trying out these on the piano, copying the pieces I like into Noteflight, and posting links here when I have time. The parts are notated beautifully and clearly, with a steel-nib pen. 

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