Saturday, July 4, 2015

I sold a concertina

Here was my listing on Craigslist:
I got this on Ebay a few years ago, to see whether I would enjoy playing a Chemnitzer-style concertina. I loved it, and have purchased a couple of better ones since. Serial #2467 which according to this site means it was made in 1920.
There's some rust on the reeds, which makes several notes pretty badly out of tune, and takes a few hundred dollars off the value. Both bay area accordion repair shops, Kendrik's in Oakland, and Accordion Apocalypse in SF, discouraged me from attempting repairs. It's a labor-intensive job to replace rusty reeds. They grind them by hand. 
I spent many pleasant hours figuring out where the notes are on this, sitting on the roof drinking beer with friends after work. I think it sounds magical. It's tuned to notes from a vanished time. But I'm low on space and cash, so the first $50 takes it.
Here's a video, so you can tell how it sounds:
Includes case.
Sold to Zoey in Oakland!  I'm keeping my Silberhorn at work, and my Gem Deluxe at home. Those are both "C" boxes, making them easiest to play in sharp keys like D, G, and A. I want to find one in the key of A-flat, which will be easier to play in the keys BlowMusik uses most: B-flat, E-flat and F.

Here's a video of someone playing the same model of concertina that I just sold. The main difference being that his is in tune!